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6-27 October  - SONGS OF THE SEA

As three children play by the ocean a large conch shell starts to whisper stories of the sea. Fluorescent fish float under a starry sky and a magical character appears in a rickety boat to tell his fishy tale. Our mythical story invites the audience to look to where the sky meets the sea for the answers. The audience floats in a starry sky and dives into a great underwater world as music and stage wizardry transform their day.


3-4 November - Contrast

Melding, merging, blurring... "Participation" considers how we are built up and subsequently undone by those around us. "Super Ornate Construct" invites you into a cut out world. A man stands alone with his thoughts while carefully placed scenes morph around him. This is the combination of two distinct choreographic voices, Sarah Foster-Sproull (New Zealand) and Emma Murray (Switzerland).

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