Tech Information...

This page includes stage details; a stage plan with measurements; and information on:

  • access detail;

  • seating capacity;

  • masking;

  • lighting;

  • sound;

  • AV equipment;

  • communications;

  • control position;

  • dressing rooms and back of house space

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Stage Details

Stage Dimensions

Stage Dimensions are dependent on seating configuration.  The below dimensions are based on the standard end on configuration with a rostra raised performance area. Please note the performance area sits between two concrete turret walls that alter the stage dimensions across its width; refer drawing below for further information. 

Maximum Width = 10800mm  

Maximum Depth = 7200mm

Stage Height = 400mm

Stage floor to underside of grid = 5000mm


The Stage is made up of rostra steel deck 1800mm x.900mm with scaf tube legs and bolts that join rostra together.  Sheets of 5mm Masonite are panel pinned to the rostra tops to create the final layer of flooring.  The flooring can be painted but must be returned to black at the end of performance season at the cost to the Hirer.  Hannah Playhouse will supply the preferred black paint to be used.

Stage Access


The Hannah Playhouse auditorium is located on the second floor of the building.  To load into the theatre access is gained via the main stairs, the public lift or a hoist from the dock- way up to the theatre through a trapdoor.

  • Trap door dimensions = 2440mm long x 1220mm wide

  • Maximum load weight hoist = 500kg

 Please note the theatre hoist is only to be operated by a member of the Hannah Playhouse theatre staff, please check with House Technician before using.

 Public lift dimensions = depth 1600mm x width 1400mm x height 2200mm

Please note the door width of public lift = 900mm


The Hannah Playhouse dock way is available for loading and unloading of equipment however enough notice must be given prior to use to ensure no other vehicle has it occupied. The dock must be kept clear from 1 hour prior to performance start time as it’s an Emergency Egress for the public.

 There is also a Public Loading Zone at the front of the building which is available for deliveries and pick ups also.

 Please note there is no hirer car parking or casual car parking available.

Seating Capacity

The Hannah Playhouse can be transformed into a number of different seating configurations by an experienced crew supplied by the Hannah Playhouse, the cost will be at the Hirers expense.

There are fixed balconies at the South (back) and East (side) sides of the building. The main seating block (stalls) in the standard configuration is made of steel decks with scaffolding tube legs. 


  • Stalls - 175 seats

  • Back Balcony - 40 seats; and

  • Side Balcony - 35 seats

Total = 250 seats plus 1 wheelchair space


The Theatre comes in a standard masking configuration of a black box using wool serge drapes. Various entrances and exits can be created depending on the individual show requirements.


The Hannah Playhouse has enough lights on site to do a stage wash and a couple of specials, along with cable and an appropriate lighting desk for this, all supplied by Grouse Lighting. The cost of this lighting rig is at a reduced rate and any additional equipment can be sourced at a discount also, if advised to the Senior House Tech in advance. Lighting positions in the Hannah are from a grid layout over the entire auditorium and stage area with additional scaff to create new positions if necessary.

Stage and Grid Plan 1000 hi for website.jpg


The standard sound system consists of the following:

  • 4 x RCF TT 22A 12” two way powered loudspeakers currently rigged with flying brackets in auditorium

  • 2 x Bose 502 subwoofers under seating block in auditorium

  • 1 x PreSonus SL 24:4:2 24 Channel Digital Mixer with FX and EQ

  • Associated cables

There is additional sound equipment that is available on request, please discuss with the House Technician.

Audio Visual 

  • 2 x Mitsubishi XD600U 4500 lumen data projectors with hanging brackets

  • 2 x 150” 4:3 format screens with both front and rear projection surfaces

  • Associated cable

There is additional audio visual equipment available on request, please discuss with the House Technician.


  • Dual band FM transceiver portable RT’s with head sets

  • Tannoy system that runs to dressing rooms and green room

  • Video feed from the auditorium that runs to screens backstage, dressing room and green room areas

Control Position

The control position is rear of the Auditorium on the south balcony level.  Both lighting and sound can be operated from here.

Gun Safe

If required, a gun safe is available back stage for storing props requiring secure storage.

Dressing Rooms & Back of House

There are 2 dressing rooms at The Hannah Playhouse and these are located on the level 2 with direct access to the stage via the west turret. They each comfortably accommodate 4 - 5 people and each have a sink, wardrobe and appropriate lighting. A Performer’s Lounge area, bathrooms and shower are on the same level.

The Green Room on level 2 contains a fully functional kitchen with dishwasher, fridge  insinkerator, table and chairs, couch and telephone. It is also used by the Hannah staff.

Also located on level 2, the Laundry facilities include:

  • Front loader washing machine

  • Drier

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Clothes drying rack

  • Tub with hot and cold running water