Pecha Kucha

21 November 2015

“If I began to question Wellington ways there would be no end to it…” - Katherine Mansfield

Pecha Kucha Night Wellington presents its final show of the year, featuring 12 wonderful people from Wellington presenting their take on life, art, music and the world via the Pecha Kucha 20 x 20 format. Rapid presentations from Wellingtons finest - each presenter speaks to 20 images for 20 seconds per image: total 6 min 40 sec for each presenter. Fast, dynamic and always surprising. A perfect heady cocktail for the end of the year to inspire and delight. Presented by Pecha Kucha Wellington


Kiwi Moon

26 September – 10 October  2015

A quest to discover the importance of being different... a brand new production of Gavin Bishop's iconic New Zealand story, Kiwi Moon. A little white kiwi thinks the moon might be his mother because it is white and bright and round like him. Prepare to snuffle and shuffle through the forest floor, hula with the huhu grubs, watch out for the wekas, and calypso with the handsome kakapo in this charming tale of one little white kiwi’s quest to find his place in an often strange and sometimes dangerous world. Presented by Capital E, National Theatre for Children.


The White Guitar

1 – 5 September 2015

Platinum-selling hip-hop artist Scribe features with his father John and brother Matthias in this true story of their family, the Luafutus. From a grandmother's dream of a better life in New Zealand through the collision of that dream with the reality of hardship and loss: a man's journey from boyhood innocence into the heart of darkness - through violence, drug addiction, prison and gangs - to the possibility of hope, healing and inspiration. Music pumps through the story's veins, from the first songs of a grandmother sung to her white guitar to the power of rock 'n' roll, the beats of hip-hop and church hymns. With the intensity of a live gig, The White Guitar combines powerhouse performances, AV projection and stunning illusion. This is a preview season ahead of the world premiere season at Christchurch Arts Festival. Presented by The Conch.

“As the Christchurch audience rose to offer the Luafutu men a standing ovation I know I have just witnessed a seminal moment in New Zealand theatre history.” - The Press


Krishnan’s Dairy

29 July – 2 August 2015

An achingly funny love story, Krishnan’s Dairy, is the critically acclaimed production that broke box office records and catapulted Indian Ink onto the international stage. In a corner dairy, a shopkeeper struggles to prove to his homesick wife that his love for her is as great as the love that built the Taj Mahal. Award winning performer, Jacob Rajan, delivers a spell-binding performance that draws you into the hopeful and vulnerable lives of this couple to reveal an extraordinary love. One of New Zealand’s most loved works with sell out tours bringing audiences to their feet throughout the world. An impressive array of awards includes a Fringe First Award from Edinburgh Festival and two Production of the Year awards in New Zealand. Presented by Indian Ink

“This is a piece of absolute enchantment…” – The Scotsman


Kiss The Fish

22 – 25 July 2015

Feel the hot breath of a wild monkey on your neck and experience “songs that make you tingle.” Indian Ink unleashes an untamed tropical island complete with devilish blue monkeys onto the stage. Accompanied by a sumptuous live score this show is hilarious, heartfelt and profoundly kissable. Reaping and sowing were never Sid’s strong points, but he discovers the meaning of both when a new resort offers him riches and the chance to change the life of his village forever. Puppetry and Balinese comic mask are given a riotous reinvention by theatrical magicians, Indian Ink. At the 2014 theatre awards Kiss the Fish won Best Play, Best Composer and Best Supporting Actor. Presented by Indian Ink

“Some of the best theatre in the world” – NZ Herald


Stealing Games

13 – 17July 2015

Would you pay to play? What if the cost was friendship? When an accident in a playground between four close friends leads to a media frenzy, unsupervised playing is outlawed. As they’re forced to play in private ‘Playparks’ they find themselves divided and facing moral and personal challenges for the first time. When Judd decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts the person who is taking his friends away, he discovers a secret motivation. Join 4 actors as they unravel the drama in this highly physical and compelling play featuring slick choreography, punchy percussive composition and perfectly pitched humour for young audiences. Stealing Games is a highly physical comedic and deeply emotive play by acclaimed NZ playwright, Gary Henderson. Presented by Capital E, National Theatre for Children.

“This is a show for both young and old and one not to be missed” – The Dominion Post


An Evening With The Modern Maori Quartet

18 – 20 June 2015

A fresh take on classic Maori showbands, the Modern Maori Quartet (MMQ) are a good looking, suave and multi-talented Maori foursome who love crooning their spin on modern and classic numbers. Toi Whakaari graduates James Tito, Maaka Pohatu, Matariki Whatarau and Francis Kora have come together from different corners of Aotearoa to perform their signature cabaret show. An evening riddled with waiata, humour, and charm; their show is a trip down memory lane into New Zealand’s musical past and present as well as recent international hits, all with the unique MMQ twist and flavour. Presented by The Modern Maori Quartet and The AHI KAA Festival.

 “The standing ovation and shouts of encore, just reinforce that these boys are reviving a form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy and take part in. I know I’ll be back for more!” - Theatreview


Double Derelicts

18 – 20 June 2015

Share the joy and tomfoolery of the award winning White Face Crew in a superbly choreographed show, involving couch leaping, shoe stealing, and good old fashioned clowning around. Two colourful street characters head to head in a city park. What begins as a hilarious duet turns into a charming tale when a gloomy businessman interrupts their daily routine. Will his dark clouds engulf them or can they turn his frown upside down? This is top notch physical theatre and dance from Auckland based White Face Crew. Created and performed by Justin Haiu, Tupua Tigafua and Jarod Rawiri, it is guaranteed to amuse and impress. Fun for the whole family. Presented by The White Face Crew, Betsy & Mana Productions, and The AHI KAA Festival.

 “The skilled cast seamlessly fuse clown and movement with a touch of poignant melodrama”  Theatreview


One Man Breaking Bad

12- 16 May 2015

Sixty Breaking Bad episodes in 60 minutes. Yo bitch! See your iconic favourites come to life; Walt, Jesse, Saul, Skyler, Hank, Walt Junior, Mike and Gus Fring! LA actor Miles Allen has had over a million hits on YouTube, displaying both his acting and his incredible mimicking abilities in this incredible: Breaking Bad tour de force. Presented by Miles Allen and the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

 “The high-energy, warp-speed romp through all five seasons is bringing the house down every night” – The Guardian


Comedy Allstars

12 -16 May 2015

The Comedy Allstars come to The Hannah Playhouse with a world class line up. 3 international comedy fest stars, Markus Birdman (England), Joel Dommet (England), and Lyyod Langford (Wales) will make you laugh your socks off. All packed into one big show over 5 nights! An International comedy showcase at its finest! Presented by The New Zealand International Comedy Festival.


Class Comedians

16 May 2015

Start 'em young, we say! This year's line-up of talented high school students have made it through their intensive comedy training and are amped to unleash their stand-up skills on an audience. Every year the quality of the comedy from these performers blows our mind.

Presented by New Zealand International Comedy Festival


Stand Up for Kids

16 May 2015

The power of laughter is strong… especially within our kids. Bring your little heroes to this action-packed live comedy show and let them unleash their mighty giggles in this fun-filled event. Stand-Up For Kids is a family-friendly, interactive show featuring awesome Festival comedians bringing their stand-up, physical comedy and fun times to the stage for your four to eight year olds to get a bit silly. With our powers combined, this is set to be a riotous event reminding us adults that laughter rules the Universe. This show will be interpreted into sign language for the Wellington deaf community. Presented by New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2015 and the iSign NZSL.


Grimm Bedtime Stories

16 May 2015

A hilarious and magical tale of brothers who are determined to stay up late by thrilling each other with stories. Some are scary, some are sweet, and others are pretty disgusting. Children between 5-10 are invited into this high paced comedy fill of puppets, magical landscapes, and thrilling adventure. Presented by Playshop and The New Zealand International Comedy Festival.


Urzila Carlson – Man Up!

 4 - 9 May 2015

Our favourite ex-pat South African Urzila Carlson delivers up your yearly dose of side splitting witticism in one jam packed hour. Man Up explores society's expectations of a man when he becomes a husband and a father… especially if that man is a lady. Urzila will examine gender roles, sexual rolls and ham rolls; all whilst demonstrating how to have a cup of cement and harden up — because big boys don't cry right? Also, your long awaited answer to the “who's your daddy” question. Presented by The New Zealand Comedy Festival.

“Standout performance, sidesplitting”: - Rip it Up, Austrailia


Colin Hay – Waiting for my real Life

4 – 5 May 2015

Themes of redemption and renewal came natural to Colin Hay, as he is in the midst of a remarkable renaissance. While his voice and visage are still familiar to millions from his tenure as lead singer/guitarist and principal songwriter of pop sensation Men at Work, the past twenty years have found him re-introducing himself to new generations of fans through constant international touring, and film and television exposure. Presented by Colin Hay, and The New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

“Hay is funnier than most stand-up comedians, so he'll split your sides and then drop a heartbreaking ditty on you” – The Houston Chronicle


Ed Byrne – Roaring Forties

28 April – 2 May 2015

A self-confessed ‘miserable old git’ since the age of 23, Ed Byrne is now in his forties. While for others this might result in a crisis that prompts the purchace of a sports car, Ed embraces middle age with open arms. Presented by The New Zealand Comedy Festival

‘Jokes come so fast that hecklers don’t have a chance to get in a word in edgeways’ – The Times, UK


Paul Ego - Phenomenuts

29 April – 2 May 2015

He’s a household name, we all know him, you know him and once again the festival shall indeed know him. After a sell-out season in 2014, 7 days star Paul Ego returns to the stage with Phenomenuts. He’ll have you laughing out of your seats, and maybe your pants, when he hits the stage. Not to be missed. Presented by Creeping Charlie productions and The New Zealand International Comedy Festival.


Triumphs and Other Alternatives

22 – 24 April 2015

A little bit of obsession….a little bit of grandness…. This latest work by multidisciplinary company Muscle Mouth features acclaimed danseur Ross McCormack from Belgium’s Les Ballets C de la B who returns to New Zealand after performing in Europe for over ten years. It explores the obsessiveness and traps of the creative process. The show collides sculpture making with physical performance to create an original and visceral new style of Movement Theatre. Presented by Muscle Mouth

 “The movement is astonishing and the dancers are truly’s the kind of work many of us crave and very rarely get”. Radio New Zealand


The Brave

18 – 28 February 2015

In this deeply sincere, dynamic and intimate work, eight men take to the stage to honour those people who are or once were in their lives. Combining true confessions with raw athleticism, The Brave is a devised work that shows bravery defined by a new generation. A multi-cultural work that actively engages audiences, and encourages conversation around what it means to be a man, questioning stereotypes and defying social expectations, The Brave is presented by the Massive Company.

“Massive Company has won standing ovations already. Don’t miss these true life stories of what it takes to be a brave man today.” - Editor’s Pick, New Zealand Herald