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Zip! The blue-thingee gets put in the blue spot

Ping! The green-majig goes to the green spot

Bash! The yellow-whozit is placed in the yellow spot

Three curious characters live a busy life in a world where everything has a purpose and place… until one day, an Odd character arrives and things start to change. Suddenly their world is full of things that don’t belong anywhere! What will the Odd One Out do next and will anything ever be the same again?

In this non-verbal performance your tamariki will experience a new world through the vibrant and bubbly characters and discover with the characters that being different isn’t bad. In fact, it can be exciting!

Odd One Out is a great theatre introduction for young children. Created for ages 2-7, it approaches a subject we all experience at one time or another – feeling left out or different. Through the vibrant and bubbly characters, the audience experiences a new world and discovers with the characters that being different isn’t bad. In fact, it can be exciting! With physical action and comedy, the three characters, at first cautious of the Odd One, learn that embracing new ways of doing things can be exciting and lead to unexpected creations.

Live performance is a magical experience, it can be thought-provoking, challenging, and an agent of change. Odd One Out links to a number of strands in both Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Primary School Curriculum. 

Performances are:

  • Monday 16 April, 10.00am
  • Tuesday 17 April, 10.00am
  • Wednesday 18 April, 10.00am
  • Thursday 19 April, 10.00am
  • Friday 20 April, 10.00am
  • Saturday 21 April, 10.00am
  • Monday 23 April, 10.00am
  • Tuesday 24 April, 10.00am
  • Wednesday 25 April, 10.00am
  • Thursday 26 April, 10.00am
  • Friday 27 April, 10.00am

Prices*: Single (age 2 upward) $10.00; Under 2 years $0.00, but must be booked and have a ticket. *Service fees may apply.

Performance length: approx. 45 minutes (no interval). Latecomers will be seated when appropriate. Tickets are for general admission seating.


Written by Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood
Directed by Jo Randerson
Music composed by Jason Wright
Lighting Design by Natasha James
Set and Costume Design by Tony De Goldi and Owen McCarthy



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Capital E – Live, comprises of our well established National Theatre for Children, a biennial National Arts Festival, and our newly formed support arm which provides logistical support for other performing arts organisations who create high quality performances for children. We engage with children and young people as creative producers through encounters that ignite and fuel their creativity. We believe that every young New Zealander should have the opportunity to experience the very best in performance art through work that speaks of Aotearoa and our place in the world. As the national leader for children in live performance we are a gateway to performing arts experiences for children. We are artist-led and relevant to children, inspiring them through live performance.

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