An Odd Wag Out

Don't you just love the school holidays! But it's also great when they finish... we had hundreds of children visit the Hannah with Capital E's holiday show, Odd One Out. I couldn't get a bark in edgewise, with all the excited chatter. The kids loved the show and busily told everyone who would listen about their favourite colour and character, and about it being nice when the characters made new friends. The kids really didn't want to go home afterward, so I made some new friends too - my favourite is the lovely little girl who ran and told her Mum that she "got wagged" after my tail brushed her leg.

2018.04.26 Breta & Odd One Out Cast in Costume 2 300 hi.jpg

The characters were lots of fun too and liked playing with soft balls. This show has to be my favourite all around, as I love playing with balls too, and making new friends. The cast were happy to play with me - but not during the show. We played after they finished entertaining the kids. The funny thing was, after they took their costumes off, they just looked like normal people...

2018.04.19 Breta & Odd One Out Cast in street clothes 3 cropped 300 hi.jpg

Does that make me the odd one out? I don't take my fur off. Come to think of it, I'm the only one with 4 legs too. Oh well, I don't mind being different. It certainly doesn't stop people from enjoying my company. Have a great time on tour guys!

Woof and wag until next time...