Laughing & Barking Together at the Hannah

Woof! As I mentioned last week, life has been really busy at the Hannah Playhouse recently and having 2 left paws came in useful. The humans here looked like they had 2 left paws, and there have been soo many guests coming through! It's been really fun. There are always moments though, once the Wild Dogs (from the NZ Festival) it seemed like things were going to take a nasty turn... form Wild Dogs to Wolves. But it turned out that there was no wolf in Eating the Wolf either. You know, I don't have the nine lives of a cat. I wish the staff wouldn't kept scaring me like this.

2018.03.28 Breta, Jim & Melanie 1 300 high.jpg

The lovely Jim Gaffigan and Melanie Bracewell were not scary, they were hilarious. We had a great time hanging out in Siberia. Siberia is the artists and performers lounge at the Hannah Playhouse - one day I'll tell you the story of how it got it's name. Anyway, it was fun spending time with them and they were impressed with some of my tricks. I think Melanie wanted to take me with her, but I was looking forward to seeing our next lot of performers. Break a paw on the rest of your tour guys! There are always such interesting new people to meet at the Hannah.

Looking forward to our next scene together...