Act One: Welcome to Breta's Blog!

Woof! Welcome to my blog about life as the theatre mascot of the Hannah Playhouse.

Breta Winter 2017 - 200 high.jpg

I get to see all sorts of interesting goings on and get lots of love and attention, so it only seems right to share it with you.  I do earn the adoration, of course - you may think it's impawsible, but I perform the best stage bow in Wellington. I can hardly be the resident star of the Hannah if I can't have my moment in the spotlight, so a bow is essential. My mum says a curtsy would better (as I'm a girl), but my legs get tangled.

So much has happened already this year. We have had the NZ Festival in - so many people to keep track off... but we started with a great bunch of kids from Newlands College who are studying theatre and production. They came to visit so I could show them around and my Technician could explain all the boring bits. (My Technician is a great guy, as he provides my spotlight and he quite often feeds me).

18.02.08 Onslow College Students for Breta's Blog.jpg

I really enjoyed Newland Colleges visit and love having kids in the theatre. I do hope they will come again. If you study Drama, Architecture, or even are doing Shakespeare in English, perhaps you could bring your class to meet me and experience the furtastic Hannah Playhouse?

This is my first blog, so I hope I'm getting it right. Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing my theatrical adventures with you and telling you about some of the stars of the stage I meet along the way. Waiting in the wings 'till my next cue...