An Odd Wag Out

Don't you just love the school holidays! But it's also great when they finish... we had hundreds of children visit the Hannah with Capital E's holiday show, Odd One Out. I couldn't get a bark in edgewise, with all the excited chatter. The kids loved the show and busily told everyone who would listen about their favourite colour and character, and about it being nice when the characters made new friends. The kids really didn't want to go home afterward, so I made some new friends too - my favourite is the lovely little girl who ran and told her Mum that she "got wagged" after my tail brushed her leg.

2018.04.26 Breta & Odd One Out Cast in Costume 2 300 hi.jpg

The characters were lots of fun too and liked playing with soft balls. This show has to be my favourite all around, as I love playing with balls too, and making new friends. The cast were happy to play with me - but not during the show. We played after they finished entertaining the kids. The funny thing was, after they took their costumes off, they just looked like normal people...

2018.04.19 Breta & Odd One Out Cast in street clothes 3 cropped 300 hi.jpg

Does that make me the odd one out? I don't take my fur off. Come to think of it, I'm the only one with 4 legs too. Oh well, I don't mind being different. It certainly doesn't stop people from enjoying my company. Have a great time on tour guys!

Woof and wag until next time...


Laughing & Barking Together at the Hannah

Woof! As I mentioned last week, life has been really busy at the Hannah Playhouse recently and having 2 left paws came in useful. The humans here looked like they had 2 left paws, and there have been soo many guests coming through! It's been really fun. There are always moments though, once the Wild Dogs (from the NZ Festival) it seemed like things were going to take a nasty turn... form Wild Dogs to Wolves. But it turned out that there was no wolf in Eating the Wolf either. You know, I don't have the nine lives of a cat. I wish the staff wouldn't kept scaring me like this.

2018.03.28 Breta, Jim & Melanie 1 300 high.jpg

The lovely Jim Gaffigan and Melanie Bracewell were not scary, they were hilarious. We had a great time hanging out in Siberia. Siberia is the artists and performers lounge at the Hannah Playhouse - one day I'll tell you the story of how it got it's name. Anyway, it was fun spending time with them and they were impressed with some of my tricks. I think Melanie wanted to take me with her, but I was looking forward to seeing our next lot of performers. Break a paw on the rest of your tour guys! There are always such interesting new people to meet at the Hannah.

Looking forward to our next scene together...


Kiwis and Puppies at the Hannah

Woof and welcome back to my blog about the Hannah. We've been soo busy, I've struggled to find to blog and our staff have been running around like they have 2 left paws! Hmmm, I have 2 left paws... Anyway, we had a furtastic time during the New Zealand Festival. All of our shows were NZ work and we love supporting kiwis - I don't even chase them, (birds that fly are really fun to chase though, but I'm not sure how they get so high off the ground... crazy things)!

As you can see, I had a great time with the cast of Bless The Child. The lead actress Carrie Green, is one of my favourite actresses - I have known her since I was a little puppy and we keep tabs on each others careers.

 Hanging out at the Hannah with the cast of Bless The Child, February 2018

Hanging out at the Hannah with the cast of Bless The Child, February 2018

After a busy season of Bless The Child, Wild Dogs Under My Skirt came in. I was a bit nervous about having welcoming wild dogs into my theatre, but they didn't actually have any dogs with them - very confusing. 

 With the cast of Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, March 2018

With the cast of Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, March 2018

The cast were lovely and held the audience in the palm of their hands. I can't do that, being that I have paws. We finished the NZ Festival with Mechanical Ballet. There were instruments right across the stage. I had to stay out of the way, as some of the instruments played themselves and I didn't want to get my tail caught. There were four pianos! I'm not great at playing piano, my paws are too big. My staff at the Hannah are not really keen on me singing either for some reason. I'm really good at projecting my voice - must be all the time I've spent around opera singers...

There's lots more to tell, but I'll keep it until next week. Until our next cue....


Act One: Welcome to Breta's Blog!

Woof! Welcome to my blog about life as the theatre mascot of the Hannah Playhouse.

Breta Winter 2017 - 200 high.jpg

I get to see all sorts of interesting goings on and get lots of love and attention, so it only seems right to share it with you.  I do earn the adoration, of course - you may think it's impawsible, but I perform the best stage bow in Wellington. I can hardly be the resident star of the Hannah if I can't have my moment in the spotlight, so a bow is essential. My mum says a curtsy would better (as I'm a girl), but my legs get tangled.

So much has happened already this year. We have had the NZ Festival in - so many people to keep track off... but we started with a great bunch of kids from Newlands College who are studying theatre and production. They came to visit so I could show them around and my Technician could explain all the boring bits. (My Technician is a great guy, as he provides my spotlight and he quite often feeds me).

18.02.08 Onslow College Students for Breta's Blog.jpg

I really enjoyed Newland Colleges visit and love having kids in the theatre. I do hope they will come again. If you study Drama, Architecture, or even are doing Shakespeare in English, perhaps you could bring your class to meet me and experience the furtastic Hannah Playhouse?

This is my first blog, so I hope I'm getting it right. Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing my theatrical adventures with you and telling you about some of the stars of the stage I meet along the way. Waiting in the wings 'till my next cue...