Playmarket accolades

25 November

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Are New Zealand Playwrights’ Agent / Advisors / Bookshop. Our vision: Empowering and representing New Zealand playwrights. Our purpose is developing New Zealand's best playwrights and their plays through:Promoting our playwrights' work nationally and internationally.Upholding playwrights' standards and rights. Providing access to New Zealand scripts. Identification and development of playwrights of excellence.

Madam Butterfly

14-24 November

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"Madam Butterfly” follows a beautifully traced arc for the title character, from the young bride who renounces her religion to embrace all things American to the strong young mother who returns to her culture and the code of honor that governs her tragic destiny. With gorgeous period costumes and designs, and featuring much of Puccini’s most lyrical music, including the Humming Chorus, Flower Duet, the stunning aria in “Un bel dì,” and a spine-tingling climax. Performed in English by a lineup of top New Zealand singers, this will be directed by Alex Galvin and conducted by Matthew Ross, with support from the Eternity Chamber Orchestra. By Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924), an opera in three acts.

Where i Belong

28 october

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Abandoned by his parents as a child, Shoto Izumi survives as a street urchin, stealing and purse-snatching. He has grown up a thief and mugger preying upon defenseless women and the elderly. After inadvertently stabbing a victim, he flees into the remote hills of Miyazaki Prefecture where he assists an injured elderly woman, Suma. She takes him into her home and he is embraced by the warmth of the townspeople who mistake him for Suma’s grandson. Seeking redemption and a “do over” in life, Shoto finds himself facing a critical decision. Based on the best-selling novel, Shabon-dama (Soap Bubbles) by Naoki Prize winning author, Asa Nonami. Showing as part of the Japanese Film Festival.

Survival family

28 october

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The Suzukis are an average household living in Tokyo. One day, the household encounters a crisis - they awake to find all electrical appliances have stopped! They assume it’s just their house, but soon find out the outage has occurred everywhere, and not just in appliances, but also in trains, cars, gas, and water systems. There are no phones or trains to ride to work. Is there a future for the family in this world denied all electricity?! With the incomprehensible disappearance of electricity, Tokyo is on the verge of falling into ruin, but one family makes their escape in a world the likes of which has never been seen before and filled with Director Yaguchi’s trademark humor! Showing as part of the Japanese Film Festival.

teiichi - battle of supreme high

28 october

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“I’m going to be student council president, no matter what it takes!” So begins Teiichi’s fight for the ultimate seat of power against 800 brilliant rivals at the most elite private school in Japan…The make-or-break “student council election” begins now!! The 800 elite students of the top private school in Japan – Kaitei High School – represent the sharpest young minds in the country. Kaitei’s alumni have powerful connections in the political and financial world, and its top student -- the student council president -- is all but promised a future cabinet position. But unimaginable conspiracies and challenges await him! Friendships and betrayals abound in the ultimate Battle Royale to outrank each other! The make-or-break “student council election” begins now!! Showing as part of the Japanese Film Festival.


27 October

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Rinko is a transgender woman with a heart of gold. Her boyfriend Makio was captivated by her heart and accepts her for who she is. Then a lonely girl named Tomo suddenly appears in their life... This is the story of 60 heartwarming days in the life of these three individuals who each find their own happiness amid the blooming cherry blossoms of spring. Fifth-grader Tomo lives a chaotic life with her mother Hiromi who abandons Tomo to chase after a man. Tomo heads for the home of her uncle Makio, however, he’s living with his beautiful girlfriend Rinko. Tomo has never met a woman like Rinko before. The playful and heartwarming time Rinko, Makio and Tomo spend together teaches them the preciousness of life and the true meaning of happiness. But one day Tomo’s mother Hiromi comes back... Showing as part of the Japanese Film Festival.

Golden orchestra

27 october

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Chizuru is a newly-hired high school teacher in the town of Umegaoka. Hoping to utilise her experience as a violinist, she joins a local amateur orchestra, only to find it’s full of senior citizens who can hardly play a note. She is too polite to tell a group which has welcomed her with open arms that she mistook the orchestra for another with a similar name. Ultimately, she winds up being the orchestra’s conductor. But soon the Umegaoka Philharmonic, her original target, gives her an opportunity to join them. Will she remain loyal to these well-meaning senior citizens or pursue her own personal musical ambition? The result is a load of laughs, tears, excitement and, yes, youthful spirit, underscored by great classical masterpieces. Showing as part of the Japanese Film Festival.

yoko, the cherry blossom

27 October

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The inspiring true story of the life of Masaaki Takaoka, a rural Japanese high school teacher, whose lifelong quest to create the very first artificially pollinated hybrid cherry blossom, to fulfill a promise he made to his beloved students before they were sent off to the battlefields to fight in World War II. When Japan's defeat becomes imminent, Masaaki's beloved students get called upon to join the imperial forces' last-ditch efforts. Masaaki has no choice but to send them off, with the promise that they would all meet again under the beautiful cherry blossoms on the school grounds upon their return, yet knowing the odds of their survival are slim to none, not to mention his very deep and personal anti-war sentiment. Showing as part of the Japanese Film Festival.

Vox Fem

25 October

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Stroma New Music Ensemble present a concert of dynamic and diverse new works by women from New Zealand and Australia, celebrating 125 years of women's suffrage in New Zealand. Featuring works by Jasmine Lovell-Smith, Sarah Ballard, Alison Isadora, Antonia Barnett-McIntosh and Lisa Illean. Stroma collaborates with leading jazz octet, The Jac, soprano Barbara Paterson, and a trio of musicians playing traditional Indian instruments. Featuring: Hamish McKeich (conductor); Barbara Paterson (soprano); and The Jac (jazz octet)

the nZ Improv Festival gala

20 october

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Kicking off the NZIF 10th birthday season in style.... We welcome you to join us for this glamorous gala evening, as we proudly highlight upcoming festival performers and shows, then perform for your entertainment an epic international improv jam featuring some of the very best improvisors in the world. A Truly Momentous Occasion: just like the Comedy Gala there's something for everyone - this is an unmissable smorgasbord of spontaneous comedy, drama, music and delights.

The Ultimate Drag Supershow

18-19 October

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The Ultimate Drag Supershow brings you the best of Wellington’s Drag Kings & Queens for a 90 minute long non-stop lipsync eleganza extravaganza! Check out drag performers Bunny Holiday, Willy Smackn’Tush, Harlie Lux, Robin Yablind, Bombay Bombshell, Claire Voyant and Kelly Fornia deliver performances ranging from the classics to the Top 40’s to songs you’ll want to download as soon as you get home! Come along and get ready to scream, slay and 'Yaasss' your hearts out as we give you the experience of a lifetime!

Suffrage Songs Recomposed

14 october

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1890s texts made modern by nine female composers and songwriters - Forward, forward, sisters! This concert is a collection of New Zealand women’s suffrage songs brought into the modern age. Various singers will be joined by instrumental, electronic and taonga puoro musicians to perform re-imaginings of these politically trailblazing texts. It also premiers the winner of our Lullaby Competition for the Prime Minister - a prophetic 1892 lullaby set to music, gifted to Jacinda Ardern.

Born out of curiosity

6 October

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With age comes experience, with experience comes liberation. A triple bill of works that are a balance between edgy dance and grace, showcasing what it means to be a mature professional dancer. Rebound Dance Company is a Christchurch troupe comprised of skilled, seasoned dancers who demonstrate that dancing isn’t just the privilege of youth. Aged from forty to seventy, Rebound delivers a performance that is always engaging and contemporary; including Mor by Tracy Scott; Stuffed by Andrew Shepard; and Tipping the Balance by Fleur de Thier.


2 October

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The wonderful adventures of robot girl. Ann Droid implements the story of Pinocchio in the 21st century. In this story Pinocchio is a little robot girl called Ann who feels at home in the virtual world by using the digital devices children use today. Her goal is to turn into a real human; so she needs to learn the most important virtues: bravery, loyalty, honesty and joy of useful activities. A unique show combining theatre with the newest digital technologies: projection, a smart LED costume; a robot ball and a drone.

Unflattering smock

28 September

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Everybody Cool Lives Here invite you to be a part of the first public reading of Unflattering Smock, the story of the New Zealand caregiver.

Welcome to Sunnyvale Rest home and Hospital where we find six wahine from very different backgrounds working together like a well-oiled machine. Step inside the life of the caregiver – the gossip, the grind, the drama. Life on the floor of Sunnyvale has its ups and downs, but the sisterhood always remains.

The eternal women of Shakespeare

25 September

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Experience Shakespeare’s women…This play reading you on a journey of Shakespeare’s women, from young to old, through 21 selected speeches (plus 3 very short one by ‘token men’!), linked by a Narrator. With a mixture of professional actors, including from the Lonely Shakespeare Collective, and members of SGCNZ and WSS, this performance is engaging and reveals aspects of the Bard’s ‘take’ on women – with extraordinary currency. The constant re-envisaging of his characters keeps them alive, relevant to and challenging our current thoughts and perceptions of the place of women in society.

maro var made for me

22 september

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Presented in the Gujarati language, this will touch your heart even if you don’t speak the language. Marriages are Made in Heaven... as true as that sounds no-one can escape the challenges found when bringing together two different individuals with different personalities. “Maro Var Made For Me” focuses on the joys and precious moments of life: bringing laughter and subtlety teaching life lessons. It has no age barrier, and has something that each and everyone of us will relate to.....

pechakucha night wellington

21 September

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PKN Wellington in collaboration with the Taputeranga Marine Trust is delighted to present a very special session celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Taputeranga Marine Reserve. Twelve presenters will give rapid fire presentations on a variety of themes related to the Reserve and the Southern Coast of Wellington: People, environment and wildlife. Each presenter speaks to 20 images for 20 secs/image. Total presentation time: 6 mins & 40 secs. Fast, inspiring and exhilarating!


16 September

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With Space, Supertonic explore the wonder, the science, and the human perception of outer space, including ethereal music about the stars, the Voyager 1 space probe, and a Māori legend about the creation of the Milky Way. The centrepiece is a collaboration with Wellington-based atmospheric rock band Elim - together the choir and band will create a ‘concept album’ based on the chapters of the late Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time: a sonic representation of the universe’s creation and the fabric of reality.

Helen webby’s pluck

13 September

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Helen Webby’s dancing fingers will pluck her strings and your hearts in this magical night of harp. Helen unpacks her harps - the Concert Grand and carbon fibre Irish harp – and presents a close and intimate tour of the world of harp: Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Bach and the Baroque, to Paris and La Belle Epoque. This concert showcases the latest pieces written for specifically for Helen from her solo CD Pluck, including NZ composers Mark Smythe, Claire Cowan and Anthony Ritchie. Pluck was commissioned after the Christchurch Earthquakes, nominated for Best Classical CD in the 2013 NZ Music Awards, and was made into a DVD film Harps Make Fine Companions, recently screened by TVNZ.

a life in the theatre

8 September

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Two doyens of NZ Theatre, Ken Blackburn and Peter Vere-Jones who started their theatrical career in Wellington, both working together at Downstage and Circa Theatre will be in conversation about their 50 plus years of involvement in NZ theatre; and how theatre was then and how they see it now. Stories and anecdotes will abound in this fascinating discussion from two of NZ’s great actors. A New Zealand Theatre Month forum.

The Imaginative handshake

1 September

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Robin Payne in discussion with Sarah Gaitanos on the life of Nola Millar. ‘The Imaginative Handshake’ – described by biographer Richard Holmes as  'The power to transport the reader to another time, another place, and another identity with absolute conviction; and then make them come away with the sensation “I really met that person — and I know how they felt about the world — and it was worth it.’ It is hoped people who come to hear this talk will leave feeling the same about Nola Millar and her world of New Zealand theatre. Nola was such a pivotal person in New Zealand theatre history and the speakers will tease out some of the ideas in that quote that relate to theatre generally. A New Zealand Theatre Month forum.

KORORAREKA: The ballad of maggie flynn

28-31 August

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Delving into the lawless outpost of 1800s Russell, Kororāreka: The Ballad of Maggie Flynn introduces a heroine created from the rich and vibrant true stories of New Zealand women. A fiery and unforgettable Irish woman leaves England a convict and arrives in Kororāreka the captain of a whaling ship. Her fortune continues to twist and turn from trophy Maori slave to wife of a great chief to Madam of the notorious King Edward Hotel. She makes her final stand in the face of British bombardment of the capital of Aotearoa. 

The Bootleg beach boys

19 August

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The world's greatest Beach Boys tribute band. This blend of five vocals and infectious sun-soaked gems makes for a memorable night to celebrate some of the finest music committed to tape over four decades! This fully costumed show takes you from the very beginning of The Beach Boys, through their career and features classic hits and cult favourites from California's most famous band. From surf themed anthems such as Surfin' Safari & Surfer Girl to muscle car memorable’s like Shut Down & Fun Fun Fun, the band have gathered a truly impressive repertoire of West Coast, harmony-laden songs, that evoke the spirit and essence of the pursuit of the 1960's American dream.

No Holds Bard

11 August

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Starring Michael Hurst of Xena, Hercules, and the Almighty Johnson's fame. Driven to the brink by the infidelity of his wife and a lack of acting opportunities, an aging thespian confronts his demons in what he hopes will be a final "dark night of the soul".  The problem is, his demons are as crazy as he is. A glorious tour de force in which four of Shakespeare's greatest creations (a foul-mouthed Macbeth, a confused Hamlet, a know-it-all Othello, and a really hungry King Lear) come kicking and screaming into the bursting, deranged brain of a single man.  An outrageous and at times profound view into one actor's attempt at self destruction.


3-4 August

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Eternity Opera is returning with a concert performance of Monteverdi’s 1607 opera Orfeo. Based on the Greek legend of Orpheus, this opera tells the story of Orpheo’s descent to the underworld and his fruitless attempt to bring his dead bride Eurydice back to the living. Performed in English by a lineup of top New Zealand singers, this will be conducted by Simon Romanos, with support from the Eternity Renaissance Orchestra, led by Anne Loeser. Libretto by Alessandro Striggio. Sung in English. Conductor: Simon Romanos. Producers: Minto Fung and Emma Beale

Treasure Island

18-20 July

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Heave to me hearties, hoist the Jolly Roger and plunder that treasure! Join Jim Hawkins aboard the good ship Hispaniola for a swashbuckling tale of high drama, low cunning, villainous skulduggery and packed with jokes and mayhem! Plenty of audience participation, singing and dancing in this perfectly piratical pantomime! Adapted from the classic children’s story by Robert Louis Stephenson. Suitable for ages 3-13

Wellington Youth Theatre - July Theatre Camp

9-12 July

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A great school holiday activity for 7-12 year olds, the camp runs Monday to Thursday culminating in a performance for parents, families and others interested, of the camp production The Map of Cheng I Sao. Every child is welcome. No experience is expected, and no established skill level is required. Our experienced Directors create a nurturing yet stimulating environment that encourages and extends students of all levels of experience. Every child receives a role with dialogue. Our Directors use their expertise to ensure your child receives a role appropriate to their ability and confidence level.


1-9 June

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A vivid depiction of Maori moving from our homelands to the cities of a different people. Feel the raw and moving power of this story of belonging and the bravery and courage than can be required to stay true to your heritage. So universally relevant over time and location to each of us, that no one will be left untouched! The year is 1965. A Maori family, recently migrated to the South Island from the East Cape, prepares to celebrate a birthday with their Pakeha guests. Waiora explores differing interpretations of home and belonging. It addresses “all of us who have traveled from somewhere else”. Written by Hone Kouka. Directed by William Walker

Waiata Works

8 June

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After a Friday Night in town or at the theatre, wind down with WAIATA WORKS. All the way from Whangarei, Waiata Works is a group of Maori singer/songwriters between the ages of 15 and 17. Nikau Ihaia, Nevandra Straker-Ellery, Paea Slade, Merlia De Ridder, Bella Gomes, and Tyla Topia-Hurst, accompanied by Nick Grew will take you on an hour-long musical journey of joy, sorrow and soul-searching with an essence of Aotearoa.

Just Dance Krazy

28 April

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This show is a celebration of the JDK Dance Crew's journey and love of dance, and includes performances by dancers and dance groups who have inspired them along the way. JDK comprises of 8 dancers with intellectual disabilities and are living proof of the positive benefits that dance has on community, physical health, mental well-being and the spirit. The group includes Jacob Dombroski, whose show Big J Stylez premiered at the NZ Fringe Festival and took out the Grand Design Award and Palmy Fringe - Centrepoint Theatre awards. Celebrate NZ Dance Week; join JDK in demonstrating the powerful force of dance to move, inspire and transform lives. 

Odd One Out

16-27 April

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Three curious characters live a busy life in a world where everything has a purpose and place… until one day, when an Odd character arrives and things start to change. Suddenly their world is full of things that don’t belong anywhere! What will the Odd One Out do next and will anything ever be the same again? In this non-verbal performance your tamariki will experience a new world through the vibrant and bubbly characters and discover with the characters that being different isn’t bad. In fact, it can be exciting!


3-7 April

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Four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with Leonard, an international literary figure. Under his recklessly brilliant and unorthodox instruction, some thrive and others flounder, alliances are made and broken, sex is used as a weapon, and hearts are unmoored. The wordplay is not the only thing that turns vicious as innocence collides with experience in this biting Broadway comedy. A provocative comedy from Pulitzer Prize nominee Theresa Rebeck,starring Natalie Yatsina; Shivneel Singh; and Annica Lewis.

Jim Gaffigan Live!

28 March 

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Jim performs his biggest ever Australasian stand-up tour and debut New Zealand shows. Known around the world for his unique brand of humor which largely revolves around fatherhood and his observations on life; Gaffigan (The Jim Gaffigan Show, Flight of the Conchords, Portlandia, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bored to Death), is a Grammy-nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer, two times New York Times best-selling author, top touring performer, and multi-platinum-selling father of five.

Eating the wolf

21-25 March

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A mythic comedy with bite! Fairy tale meets feminism - Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandma's house... The wolf gets there first, keen for a snack... He knocks on Grandma's door… he comes to her bedside... he opens his mouth... What could possibly go wrong? 

Written by award winning playwright Sarah Delahunty with music composed by young up and coming musicians. Director:Sarah Delahunty. Musical Director: Justin Pearce.  

mechanical ballet

16-17 March

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Drums that strike themselves. Loudspeakers that pivot and pirouette. Pianos whose keys tap dance ghostly toccatas. Welcome to a brave new world of mechatronic music, where self-playing instruments rule. Experience the wonder as a crowd of mechatronic loudspeakers and percussion instruments come to life – created by Wellington-based musicians/engineers Jim Murphy, Bridget Johnson and David Downes. They keep pace with percussionists from leading Kiwi new music ensemble Stroma and top New Zealand pianists Sarah Watkins and Stephen De Pledge. This concert of virtuosic proportions features two seminal works by US minimalist icon Steve Reich, Drumming Part 1 and Piano Phase, as well as world premieres of works by composers Bridget Johnson, David Downes and Michael Norris. 

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

7-11 March

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Samoan New Zealander Tusiata Avia’s poetry becomes a fearless and enchanting piece of theatre under the direction of Anapela Polataivao and a cast of six powerful Pasefika actresses. Through her vivid, compelling and at times hilarious characters, Avia paints a deeply personal view of Pacific Island life and its sometimes uneasy collisions with the Kiwi way. Heart-stopping and unmissable theatre. Co-produced by the New Zealand Festival and FCC

Bless The Child

28 Feb - 4 Mar

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Who took the life of baby Aria? A child has died and Shardae, mother of the child, is held guilty until proven otherwise. Power-hungry lawyer, Khan Te Ahi Richards, is reluctantly dragged in to defend the mother as the whānau close ranks. Challenging and thought-provoking, this is a story of life and death, good versus evil. In an unflinching look at our society through a Māori lens, it uncovers the truth of our shared humanity – to protect the child. Co-produced by the New Zealand Festival, Auckland Arts Festival and Tawata Productions

One Day More!

28 January

Past Production image.jpg

A musical fundraiser for the Sarah Delahunty/Justin Pearce production of 'Eating the Wolf' showcasing young Wellington talent. Into the Woods will play the Hannah Playhouse in March 2018. Combining young performers and experienced directors to create a musical and theatrical experience for all ages. This fundraising performance will be held in the Hannah Bar, on level 1.